Why Rent Welding Equipment?

With the cost of production increasing, manufacturers are consistently looking at ways to lower their operational expenses. One effective way to do that is by renting equipment either on a short-term basis, or for the longer term. There are upsides to both, the main one being cost control with a very tight second being a fast way to increase the speed of production by bringing in top notch weld equipment.

Renting welding machinery is a commercially attractive option for quite a few reasons.

Consider this…

You have a partially automated weld line, turntables set up, pre-configured and the whole process moving along just nicely. Suddenly there’s a fault, unexpected downtime and likely a costly set back to the overall project. There’s a good chance there’s no spare turntables laying around. Now, if it was a hired welding turntable, engineers can be on-site to repair faults, or the supplier can arrange priority shipment of alternative equipment to get your processes back to operational status.

Something else to consider…

Partially automating some of your weld processes can gain consistent quality welds, letting you operate with less experienced staff. When your senior fabricators and most experienced welders are either off on holiday or off sick for the long term, short term hire of weld positioners can really boost the quality of welds from less experienced operators. Considering the skills shortage of experienced fabricators, it can be a necessity to rent specialist weld equipment when you can’t get the staff.

With the right equipment, operators can weld in better positions with improved ergonomics, much safer health and safety practices, and generally increase throughput without ever sacrificing quality. The cost of hiring a welding manipulator could see an extremely fast return by speeding up the weld processes without hiring additional manpower.

How about being able to accept smaller jobs and price them accurately

When you work with a specialist weld equipment provider, you get to know what you can and can’t get your hands on, equipment wise. If you have the floor space, any type of equipment (within reason) could be hired on a short-term basis to put to work on any weld process your operators have the skills to fulfil. Machinery needn’t be a barrier due to the high capital expense. Besides, when you rent, you have one cost. When you own the equipment, it’s difficult to calculate the real cost of ownership due to ongoing maintenance costs. Manufacturers can manage costs efficiently by renting weld equipment month-by-month using the OPEX budget instead of CAPEX.

Never miss a deadline again!

Got a deadline looming? Unsure if your production capacity is going to make the cut? Call your preferred supplier, explain your circumstances, and you could very well find a welding rotator could be supplied fairly fast, configured to work with whatever weld process you need, be it SAW, TIG, MIG/MAG, or a complete Sub Arc package customised to suit your operational requirements.

Even more reasons to consider hiring weld equipment?

  • Have the equipment picked up when you’re finished using it instead of being hassled with advertising used machinery in an attempt to recuperate some costs.
  • Carry only the machinery you need consistently. Equipment on-site used less than 60% of the time will be more cost-effective to rent than to own due to maintenance costs.
  • Need to make changes to your equipment midway through a hire contract? Call up and have changes done swiftly with zero hassle.
  • Renting weld equipment is tax efficient as you have zero depreciation to worry about.
  • The best part is the instant improvement to operational cash flow.

Well, you’d think it’d be the cashflow, but in all honesty, it’s the improvements to the processes using top tier weld equipment with the latest technology to increase quality and speed of weld processes.

Could hiring specialist weld machinery benefit your operations? Call for a quick chat and find out how we can help you.

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