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Suitable for a wide range of applications, from fit-up and assembly requirements to integrated cladding and overlay applications.

Welding turntables are built to a heavy duty precision design. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, from fit-up and assembly requirements to integrated cladding and overlay applications.

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Redrock provide various welding turntables for hire, both short-term and long-term. We have rental depots located throughout the world, all with a variety of industrial capacity turntables ready to dispatch to your premises. All our specialist equipment is fully-serviced by trained and experienced engineers, guaranteeing maximum uptime.

Our rotary turntables are fitted with double gear boxes ensuring smooth rotation on a consistent basis and preventing any backlash. Smooth acceleration and deceleration with easy to use controls and various speed settings in forward and reverse motions.

Our welding turntables are the most cost-efficient way to improve your processes, with our rental service bringing costs to a minimum and mitigating idle time by allowing businesses to hire the equipment they need for short-term projects.

Our rental service is the perfect fit for short-term projects and cost-effective for the longer-term as all servicing, parts and repairs is managed by our engineers.

Equip your workforce with the specialist equipment they need to increase their productivity, boost efficiency with consistent precise welds, minimising mechanical rework, remeasuring and reducing wastage.

Metalworking turntables are the staple of fabrication environments. It’s the one piece of specialist welding equipment that will double the output of every weld operator, improve efficiencies, lower production costs and enhance the safety of your workforce, minimising absenteeism.

We supply a range of turntables with various load capacities from 5 tonne to 50 tonnes, each equipped with various speed settings, forward/reverse motion, double gear boxes to prevent backlash and fitted with heavy duty cadmium plated slip rings for secure mounting of work pieces.


  • Manipulate any tubular work piece using the turntable, rotating it 360 degrees, saving your welders having to focus on maintaining a consistent arc length while walking around work pieces
  • Welders can focus more on the welding technique instead of their work position
  • More in-position welds result in faster production with air tight seals, quality finishes with better integrity.
  • Precision engineered turntables with weld-suitable surfaces makes for a faster clean-up process, letting welders spend more time welding and less time cleaning.
  • Consistent rotation speeds with smooth acceleration and deceleration reduces the need for mechanical reworking; another way manufacturers can lower the cost of production.


  • Rent from an established global brand with rental depots located throughout the world
  • Our staff are knowledgeable experts and all our machines are fully-serviced by trained engineers
  • Stellar reputation for designing and manufacturing the most robust welding equipment for a variety of sectors, including pipe shop solutions, wind tower production lines and much more. Whatever process you need to incorporate reliable welding equipment into… Redrock’s rental service provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for any project, short-term or long-term.
  • Partner with industry leaders for robust equipment, precision engineered, maintained by trained and certified engineers, backed with our world-class service.

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