RedRock’s range of conventional & self aligning welding rotators provide an economical and practical answer to cylindrical vessel rotating and handling problems.

Redrock provide welding rotators for hire and rent on long or short-term leases. We carry both conventional rotators and self-aligning rotators, supply worldwide and have the in-house expertise to advise, supply and maintain the best in-class welding equipment to increase through-put and lower your operational costs.

All our rotators are 100% steel (base frame and drums) with polyurethane tyres providing cushioning on load, minimising shock, protecting the drive unit on self-aligning rotators from potential damage due to negligent loading.

Supplied as standard with all our rotators are a remote-control pendant, giving weld operators full control over the rotation speed, forward and reverse motion.

Self-aligning rotators are a necessity in almost all weld operations including for turning tanks, boilers, pressure vessels, and any cylindrical vessel within the specifications of the rotator.

The main components that determine the type of rotator you need are the rotation speeds, the diameter of the vessels you’ll be loading onto the rotator and the weight.

Our conventional rotators can accommodate loads up to 2000 tonnes and our self-aligning rotators will handle load capacities up to 20 tonnes.

Conventional rotators are better suited to industrial welding operations, whereas self-aligning rotators are the standard for many fabrication shops.

Welding rotators substantially reduce the risk of injury by minimising material handling by moving heavy cylindrical objects by mechanical means.

Experience the Benefits of HIRING Welding Rotators for Your Workforce

  • Reduce operator fatigue
  • Minimise material handling
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Get better quality circumferential welds from operators of all skill levels

Welding rotators can streamline many welding processes, including SAW, TIG, MIG and ARC. Manual welding processes is time consuming on workers. The welding rotator is the perfect equipment for all processes, eliminating the need for workers to manipulate their positions to suit the weld by moving the vessel by mechanical means.

Self-aligning rotators provide the highest increase on production as the wheel brackets and the wheels automatically align to any size of vessel as soon as it’s loaded onto the rotator. On conventional rotators, operators need to manually align the wheel brackets and the wheels.

Trust Redrock for a Quality RENTAL Service of Your Welding Rotator Equipment

  • Redrock supply top of the line welding equipment worldwide.
  • We have teams of experts located throughout the world, all experts in welding technologies and are on-hand to help businesses get the right solutions for their jobs, and workforce.
  • Cost effective solutions and flexible rental terms.
  • Reduce your idle time by hiring what you need when you need it.
  • All our rental equipment is fully serviced and maintained. When you rent with us, there’s no need to carry spare parts, be burdened with repair costs, or have to handle maintenance. Everything’s handled by trained service engineers.


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