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Need a cost-effective way to improve your process? Redrock have welding positioners for hire, both short-term and long-term rent. Equip your operators with the highest quality, robustly designed, and safety enhanced positioners that allow welders of any experience and skillset to be more productive, produce higher quality welds and reduce time spent reworking.

Contact us now to speak to our experienced engineers. They will help you understand which welding turntable best suits your project and work out the most cost effective solution. You can also download our brochure to view our complete range of products


  • Work with any size of material and any load capacity.
  • Equip your workshop and welders with industry leading equipment to get better welds and increased efficiency.
  • Welders can spend more time focusing on achieving quality welds by using the positioner to move the objects into place instead of attempting to weld while standing in less than optimal positions.
  • Your less experienced welders will be able to produce superior welds typically expected from advanced welders. Start getting flawless welds from your entire team. Not just your experienced welders.
  • Not all jobs call for a welding positioner. They’ll be used on bigger jobs, then set aside for a long time. For most businesses, that’s a waste of cash flow. Welding positioners are money makers when you have them in use. By hiring a positioner, you only pay when you use it and return it to us when you’re done.


  • Our staff are highly-skilled with over 70 years experience in supplying the best welding equipment with the latest technology – worldwide!
  • We help our clients take full control of their costs, which in some cases can lead to clients being able to bid on projects they otherwise couldn’t, if it weren’t for REDROCK supplying the right equipment to get the job done to a high standard.
  • Lower costs per job because you don’t need to worry about maintenance, or carrying spare parts. Every Welding Positioner for hire by Red Rock Automation is fully serviced by our team.
  • Improve your cash flow: Why pay more by raising capital that only serves to increase the cost of ownership when you can hire a positioner only paying when you use it?
  • Both short and long term hires can be arranged and we are always flexible should you require adjustments made to your rental agreement.

Rent what you need, when you need it without the worry of capital raising!

All with…

Expert advice, competitive pricing, and a rental service you can count on…


Our team are experienced in supplying technologically advanced welding solutions to the oil and gas sector, steel fabrication industry, renewables and defence contractors.

You can talk to use about what your job entails and we can guide you towards the most suitable welding positioner, taking into account the load weight, size of objects, profiles and numerous other features we can provide that you may or may not need. We carry a variety of welding positioners for hire and are on hand to advise on the most suitable equipment for the task at hand.

We offer competitive pricing on both short- and long-term leasing options. All our welding positioners are fully serviced and can be supplied worldwide.

Wherever you need your equipment, REDROCK has you covered.

Leave your information below and a member of the Redrock team will be in touch to give you more information about our equipment.