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Welding Manipulators are designed to move the weld head over the workpiece.

Redrock offer welding manipulators for hire and rent bringing top quality machinery to budgets of all sizes. Our hire service offers short-term lease arrangements for one-off projects, and cost-effective rentals for longer-term solutions.

We stock a wide variety of welding manipulators with platform sizes ranging from 2m x 2m, right up to 10m x 10m, and with motorised cars available for faster production rates. Column and boom manipulators are the perfect solution for welding pressure vessels, tubular sectioning and pipe and tank applications.

We can supply all types of welding manipulators with custom configurations and can integrate our manipulators with SAW, TIG, MIG/MAG processes to speed up production, enhance worker safety and lower operational costs.

Unlike other positioners we supply, manipulators move the weld head over the work piece instead of moving the work piece. The operational difference means welders can get more quality work done in-position even on the most awkward of places.

Handling any large weldments are the most difficult part of the job for welders. When equipped with a welding manipulator, welders can work more comfortably on all types of jobs, getting into difficult to reach areas with ease, producing circumferential and longitudinal seam welds with precision, integrity and with better deposition rates.

Contact us now to speak to our experienced engineers. They will help you understand which welding turntable best suits your project and work out the most cost effective solution. You can also download our brochure to view our complete range of products


  • Less operator fatigue as the bulk of handling (hardest part of a welder’s job) is handled mechanically
  • Safer working conditions lessens absenteeism
  • Automation of work piece handling allows your workers to be more productive
  • Intuitive controls for ease of use
  • Minimal vibration reducing rework issues and maintaining quality control throughout the process
  • Boost the confidence of your less skilled welders when they’re able to duplicate the work of your most experienced and skilled welder, with ease.

We can also supply column and boom manipulators with motorised travel cars, which can further improve production rates.


  • Redrock are leading manufacturers of all types of welding automation equipment. All our machinery has all-steel construction to cope with the most demanding of work environments.
  • Our team consists of highly skilled engineers, and technicians and are driven to provide our customers with results-focused advice.
  • We have a proven track record for providing quality welding automation solutions to a variety of sectors.
  • Rentals for one-off projects, or longer-term rental solutions letting you equip your workforce with the tools they need for the task at hand without the added expenses of outright ownership.
  • With rental depots located throughout the world, we’re in a perfect position to supply all types of specialist welding equipment internationally. Any problems with your equipment…service engineers will be available to get things back up and running smoothly.

…All with jaw-droppingly competitive rates


  • REDROCK stock a huge inventory of Column and Boom manipulators ranging from 2m x 2m to 10m x 10m
  • Whatever your weld operation process, REDROCK can help your business upgrade to the latest technological solutions to improve production, while simultaneously lowering your wastage cost and costly rework jobs.
  • Our team are experienced in all types of welding automation equipment, supplying welding manipulators to a variety of sectors. We can advise on the best welding equipment for your project.
  • Speedy deliveries can be arranged, which could help you meet your deadlines!
  • Forget the expense of testing, maintenance and servicing. All our welding equipment for hire is fully serviced, maintained and ready to be put into operation.
  • Our entire fleet provide maximum safety features, ensuring your operators can work fast without compromising safety.

With our equipment hire service, you only pay for equipment when you use it. If you’re only going to use a welding manipulator less than 60% of the time, chances are, you’ll lower your operational costs by hiring a manipulator on an as needed basis. We’re here when you need us. Moreover, when you do call on us, you also tap into our wealth of expertise. We are industry specialists and aim to be great partners to all our clients.

One other major advantages of hiring with us is you don’t need to carry pricey inventory on a whim that you may need them on future projects. Market conditions fluctuates, businesses go through up and downs. We’re here to supply your equipment during your ups and when projects slow down, we’ll take them off your hands.

Hire the right welding manipulator for every job. Need more features or something more compact? we can supply the right equipment anytime, anywhere. Long -term and short-term rentals available.

All our welding equipment for hire is fully serviced by trained and certified engineers and fully maintained by us on both short-term and long-term lease arrangements.


Every member of the REDROCK team is highly qualified, skilled in the welding equipment and technologies and motivated to help our clients as best they can. Whether you’re unsure about buying or leasing, what the right equipment would be for your projects, or need a longer-term rental agreement that’s flexible to work within your budget, we can work to tailor solutions to suit both your business needs and goals.

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