Welding chucks are specialised clamps that are used to withstand the robust conditions of the welding industry.

Redrock Automation can supply weld chucks in several diameters from 3-jaw chucks and upwards with multiple bolt down positions. Our weld chucks are suitable for use on smaller weld positioners with specialist extra-large chucks for use on large weld positioners and weld manipulators. Self-centering chuck options are available as are customised chucks with multiple jaws for clamping any object securely.

Machines compatible with our chucks

  • Gripper welding chucks
  • Spin-lock chucks
  • Multiple diameters from 12” to 60” ready to supply
  • All precision engineered with multiple bolt down positions to enable secure fastening of various work pieces.
  • Custom chucks available by request

All our weld chucks are engineered for strength to cope with the huge demands of weld processes. Ultra-tough, precision design with tremendous reliability… backed with our comprehensive 3-year warranty and support.

Our chucks can be bought outright or supplied on an ad-hoc basis. Which option you choose is best determined by how often you’ll use the chucks. Our flexible rental terms can be used for the supply of chucks on a per project basis, enabling you to speed up production, get quality welds done, and recuperate your investment as fast as possible.

Speed and quality is the aim. Our weld chucks are your productivity enablers.

Redrock Automation LTD are a cutting-edge global brand with experience and expertise in design, manufacturing and supply of weld automation equipment. We focus primarily on Welding Rotators, Welding Positioners and Welding Manipulators as well as the supply of all components for each machine.

All equipment sold is fully backed by our comprehensive 3-year warranty. Equipment supplied on a rental basis is serviced and maintained by our team of engineers. Our HQ is in Glasgow, Scotland, and all products shipped by us is supported by our international Operational Centres based in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Wherever you need us, there’s a good chance we can be there fast, either providing support on-site or remotely.

Our objective is simple… To become a ONE STOP SHOP of weld automation equipment. If we don’t have the equipment you need to support your operations, we have 100,000 square foot of factory space and the in-house team of experts on-hand to design a custom solution that will meet your needs.

Leave your information below and a member of the Redrock team will be in touch to give you more information about our welding chucks.