The All Powerful

Here at Redrock Automation Ltd we are fully aware that when we put machines out for hire, that they are going to be put to the test. That’s why they are designed and built to withstand the harsh conditions within all the industries we work within. However, although they can withstand the testing environments, that doesn’t mean they arrive back at Redrock still as shiny and clean as the were when they left our workshop.

When our 300t Bode Self Aligners arrived back at Redrock we knew there was a lot of work needed to bring them back to a standard expected by both us at Redrock and our customers. In total we had 6 machines (3 x drives & 3 x idlers) to fully recondition in 3 weeks as we already had the machines booked for another hire.

In the 3 weeks our engineers worked tirelessly to get the machines fully reconditioned in time to go back out on hire again.

Tasks carried out on the machines:

  • Full machine stripped down and cleaned, this included the gear covers
  • Removed and replaced all bearing plates
  • Checked all gearing and bearings
  • Full lubrication of all machines
  • New control panel and pendant wired and fitted
  • Fully repainted
  • Fully re-tested

The machines were completed on time and within budget and more importantly, they will power through any job they are put to.