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Automated Flux Recovery System

Buying and Rental Options Available

The RedRock RR40 is an extremely robust automatic Flux Recovery machine used specifically for SAW processes that are suitable for a range of weld applications and is fully automatic. When operators need to change flux, there is also a quick discharge valve, enabling operators to change flux fast and efficiently, achieving higher productivity.

Integrated Flux Recovery System

Flux recovery systems can reduce operational costs by up to 50%, and still maintain a continuous high-capacity weld with zero compromise on quality. Benefit from better-quality control as you can eliminate fine particle flux too. And with a heated hopper, there’s no concerns of the flux getting wet as the high temperature (150 oC and adjustable) in the flux hopper, recovered flux stays dry.

Operational savings from the flux recovery system can yield up to 50% cost reduction.

The savings can offset the rental costs in as little as six-months!
We have various models available for a range of applications.

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Benefits of the RedRock RR40

  • Extremely cost-efficient weld automation
  • Continuous high-capacity uninterrupted welding to increase productivity
  • Improve quality control processes
  • Reduce rework
  • Achieve high deposition rates
  • Improved health and safety as there’s very little fumes, or arc light as the entire weld process is contained under the flux, reducing the risk of spatter.
  • Flux is fully recovered and recycled ready for re-use, all completely automised.

Submerged arc welding is suitable for a range of metals including steel, steel and nickel and some aluminium and is the best method for joining plate metal. Strong welds are achievable on high weld runs, repeatedly. This is due to the continuous wire feed and flux poured directly into the weld pool. As the weld process is entirely submerged, very little fumes are released into the work area, risks of sparks are reduced, as are UV rays and there’s a lower risk of contamination, which reduces the numbers of rework that may be required by using other weld techniques. Full specifications and pricing for the RedRock RR40 are available on request.


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