Shindaiwa ECO 300/UK Welder Generator

Diesel engine driven Welder Generator powered by Kubota.

The Shindaiwa Eco300 diesel welder generator is built to provide 50 to 300Amps of DC welding current and offers simultaneous use of welding and 110V / 415V AC auxiliary power. Superior welding performance ensures the machine is compliant with welding all types of DC electrodes. The powerful 3kVA 110V auxiliary can comfortably power larger power tools including 9 inch grinders and also provides 8kVA of 3 phase power. The robust machine can be provided skid mounted, on wheelbarrow or two wheel road tow trailer for maximum portability. The engine driven welder is powered by a water cooled Kubota engine ensuring long term reliability and performance with low fuel consumption and emissions. The diesel powered welder generator is also available in full Petro Chemical or Offshore specification at request including approved overspeed valve and ATEX rated stainless steel spark arrestor.