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400 Tonne Welding Rotator

Available worldwide through our network of distributors across Europe and the Middle East. Fully guaranteed and warrantied for 3 years.

Lambert Jouty, hard-wearing polyurethane tyres for all our Welding Rotators. Mounted onto a cast steel drum for maximum durability and superior traction. A hand held, low voltage control pendant on a 3-metre cable provides the operator with full control of the rotator including a potentiometer for varying the speed, forward/reverse and stop.

400t Welding Rotator Specification

Brand: Lambert Jouty
Load Capacity: 400 Metric Ton (1 power & 1 idler)
Rotation Capacity: 400 Metric Ton (1 power)
Rotation Speed: 186 to 1860 mm/min
Vessel Diameter: Min 1540mm to Max 7440mm