10 Tonne Welding Positioner

RedRock’s range of welding positioners provides the quickest means of both rotating and tilting through 360 degrees while allowing maximum access to the workpiece.

Designed to give maximum positioning flexibility by using the tilt and rotation of the table to manipulate the work piece into the correct ‘down hand’ positioner for welding or to position accurately for assembly and manufacturing requirements.

10t Welding Positioner Specification

Model: PE10
Tilt Capacity: 10 metric ton at 300mm (centre of gravity)
Tilt Range: 0 to 135 degrees
Tilt Speed: 135 degree in 175 seconds
Rotation Capacity: 10 metric ton at 300mm
Rotation Speed: 0.05 to 0.5 rpm
Table Diameter: 1800mm