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Our pop-up rotators are precision engineered to suit a variety of structural steel fabrication processes. It allows operators to maintain a consistent C-L when working with unwieldy tubular work pieces with various diameters, weighing up to 20 tonnes. Suitable for longitudinal seam welds, double seam and straight seam SAW processes. Fit up sections with ease while maintaining the C-L with no material handling required.

How Redrock’s Pop Up Rotator Benefits Your Processes

• Limit the use of cranes for manoeuvring large objects
• Save time
• Reduce operator fatigue
• Move unwieldy work pieces at various speeds with a steady C-L
• Easy to use handheld pendant mechanically moves objects along the guided rail system and raises/lowers objects mechanically.
• Increase productivity
• Reduce wastage
• Improved health and safety on your shop floor

Trust Redrock for Turnkey Automated Welding Solutions

Redrock Automation are an award-winning International Trade supplier, specialising in welding automation equipment. All our products are designed and produced within budget and delivered on time, every time. We’re a global brand with a global distribution network. Whatever welding equipment you need, Redrock can supply it to any destination. Packages are available for sale or on a rental basis.

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