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Lead & Zinc Kettle Welding & Manufacturing

Lead and Zinc kettles are a major component in the construction of cylindrical pressure vessels. The shape contributes to the safe storage of hazardous materials. The safest shape for hazardous material storage containers are spherical tanks due it having a smaller surface area per unit volume. The problem with spheres is their size as they aren’t ideal for distribution and complex to construct.

The fastest construction process for large pressure vessels is cylindrical tanks but they need the unique lead and zinc kettles for the head to maintain a high level of secure storage benefiting from the lower surface area at the tip of the pressure vessel.

Manufacturing of Lead and Zinc Kettles for Pressure Vessel Heads
Due the large width of lead and zinc kettles requiring quality fabricating onto the tips of cylindrical pressure vessels, sometimes referred to as bullet tanks, heavy-duty equipment is required to both maneuver the vessel heads and to weld various aspects to assemble the storage tanks.

The turning of kettles and other pressure vessel heads is done using a cradle positioner and a sub arc column and boom. The cradle positioner rotates the vessel head while the sub arc column and boom will automate the weld process.

Alternatives to lead and zinc kettles are dish ends for pressure vessel heads. These can be torispherical or semi-ellipsoidal dished ends depending on the tank requirements. Whatever the shape the ends of a tank are, they are always going to made of heavy-duty steels and with a large circumference to accommodate the width of the vessel they’ll eventually be attached to.

The manufacturing process is streamlined by a variety of weld manipulators including sub arc systems, a column and boom as well as a cradle positioner used to rotate the dished ends for fabrication.

Benefits to Our Machines

Because much of the fabrication process is automated, there’s far less user fatigue. Something that can be problematic in many manual weld processes. Weld automation, provided it’s done with quality equipment designed with the user experience in mind, will lower operator fatigue, which in turn reduces the risk of health and safety issues.
In addition, workers are able to achieve more precise welds regardless of experience. In fabrication shops, our sub arc and column and boom package can enable less experienced, or semi-skilled fabricators to achieve the same quality of weld as your most experienced operators.
In some instances, due in large part to the automation of your weld processes, there is less man power required, allowing you to lower your cost of production and achieve an increase in throughput without compromising on quality.

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