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With individual motorised adjustment of each axis under load, the sections can be manipulated left, right, up and down (X, Y & Z Axis) to join cans together. By adding numerous sections, the transition unit grows the pipe and continually passes it down the line.

This set up is designed for the use in:

  • Wind Tower Production
  • Offshore and Vessel Manufacturers

Benefits of using this set up:

  • Reduces time & cost
  • Increases productivity
  • Enables the building of cans with minimal use of the crane
  • Ball screw operation for smooth precision control
  • Master slave configuration
  • No requirement for Sprags or Wedges to align cans
  • No Hydraulics needed for Fit up

Sizes available: Diameter range 1.5m -> 7m

Anything Else: Additional extras we can offer

  • All equipment fully-serviced and warranted for three years.
  • Custom solutions available with pricing to suit any budget.

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