Redrock Automation can supply robust Cradle Positioners to lift, tilt and turn extra-large and wide workpieces weighing from 5t to 250t. Our Cradle Positioners are supplied with remote pendants making it easy for operators to achieve optimal weld positions, and can be supplied in combination with a column and boom to support a weld automation process.

All motions are precise and can be done with the remote pendant supplied, enhancing operator safety and improving ergonomics.

  • Dual support system allowing for a higher load capacity
  • Axis offset helps with torque optimisation
  • Variable rotation speeds
  • Height adjustable (depending on the load)
  • Weight capacity from 5t to 250t
  • Tilt ranges from 0° to 360°

Our cradle positioners are available for sale or on a hire basis either short or long-term, with full technical support provided under our comprehensive warranty. Equipment supplied on a rental basis is fully serviced by our own engineers, helping to minimise costs on the client end as full servicing, parts, supply and maintenance is included as part of our rental service.

Design, supply, and service is our business, however, at the core of everything we do, is to bring the cost of weld production down for manufacturers, and we do that successfully with our quick-to-premises order fulfilment of reliable weld automation equipment from depots around the world including the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

All equipment sold is fully backed by our comprehensive 3-year warranty. Equipment supplied on a rental basis is serviced and maintained by our team of engineers. Our HQ is in Glasgow, Scotland, and all products shipped by us is supported by our international Operational Centres based in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Wherever you need us, there’s a good chance we can be there fast, either providing support on-site or remotely.

Our objective is simple… To become a ONE STOP SHOP of weld automation equipment. If we don’t have the equipment you need to support your operations, we have 100,000 square foot of factory space and the in-house team of experts on-hand to design a custom solution that will meet your needs.

Our cradle positioners, along with any of our weld automation machinery is designed with ergonomics and usability top of mind.

Our cradle positioners are ideally suited for lifting, tilting and turning extra-large components, such as those in the shipbuilding industry, energy industry, pressure vessels and turbines.

Typical applications include:

  • Automated welding of heavy-duty thick-walled steel
  • Pressure vessel welding
  • Narrow gap welding
  • Cladding of pressure vessel components
  • Narrow gap and tandem narrow gap welding of thick-walled pressure vessels
  • Manoeuvring of wind turbine bases
  • Securing large components in the T-grooves of the extra-wide work plate, such as propellers and winches.

For more information, call: +44 (0)141 812 0824

Our cradle positioners are motorised with variable speed controls, full 360o tilt and, depending on the weight of the workpiece, it may be able to be raised too. The work table surface is equipped with T-grooves, enabling secure fastening of any load.

Redrock’s Cradle Positioners will handle loads of up to 250t making it easy to lift, turn and tilt awkward sized workpieces. We can also combine this with a column and boom to deliver a stationery weld head making weld automation possible.

Standalone or bundled with additional machinery, talk to our team today and discover how we can help you exceed production targets. We can accommodate various table plate diameters, and various rotational and tilting speeds.

Leave your information below and a member of the Redrock team will be in touch to give you more information about our Cradle Positioners.