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Automatic Welding Tractor

Buying and Rental Options Available

Benefit your weld operations with our Automatic Welding Tractor

  • Improve welding practices
  • Maintain consistent quality welds repeatedly
  • Lower operator fatigue
  • Reduce flux waste
  • Achieve better weld efficiency

Our Automatic Welding Tractor will automate much of your Sub-Arc welding processes, helping to reduce operator fatigue while significantly improving the quality of weld – repeatedly!
Operators will be able to set all weld parameters including the arc-length and travel speed enabling faster welds without compromising quality. With an integrated flux collection unit, there’s the added advantage of achieving cleaner welds consistently, while simultaneously reducing rejects, reworks and expenditure.

Increased Control over the Welding Process

With our Automatic Welding Tractor, there’s far more control over the welding process. With pre-programmable parameters set independently, many sub-arc welding processes can be automated, reducing the need for operators to perform consistent quality welds.
In any process requiring repeated welds using the same parameters, our automatic welding tractor will be just the solution required to lower operational costs and increase efficiency.
Take the welding out of your welder’s hands and let skilled operators set the parameters for the automation of weld processes.

Contact us now to speak to our experienced engineers. They will help you understand which welding product best suits your project and work out the most cost effective solution. You can also download our brochure to view our complete range of products

All with the Added Benefit of Portability

The advantages of a portable welding tractor are numerous. This can be used on-site, off-site and transferred between work areas easily. Suitable projects for the Time OP Welding Tractor include:
• Shipyards
• Pipe yards
• Vessel shops
• Trailer yards

…As just a few examples.
When one weld job is finished, the Welding Tractor can easily be moved to another area of the workshop, set up with different parameters to complete another run of proficient welds and/or for various stages in the welding process.
The portability of welding tractors brings the advantage of flexibility to weld operations as they can be transported manually and safely, without the requirement for heavy lifting equipment to relocate much needed weld machinery. And being light-weight, operators can easily reposition the weld tractor to suit the application without any additional equipment being required.

IGBT Inverter Technology Included

The Automatic Welding Tractor uses the latest IGBT inverter technology, making this auto-weld tractor suitable for sub-arc welding processes on any metal type with a thickness of under 5mm.

Whether you buy or rent from Redrock Automation LTD, the IGBT inverter is included with both options.

For enquiries for buying or rental options of our Automatic Welding Tractor, email us directly at: sales@redrockautomation.com or call us on: +44 (0)141 812 0824.



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